Can make up possibly harm your eyes?

Makeup in general, mascara and liner in particular, are an important part of many people's routine. But could they be damaging your eyes?

As with everything else, bad habits can be damaging. And with makeup and beauty, it works the same way. Simply put, if you apply your make up correctly and keep good hygiene, you are safe. But are you doing it right? Here's what you should know.

Don't apply eyeliner to your eyelid margins

Don't apply eyeliner to your eyelid margins

The edges of your eyelids (those margins where the eyelashes grow) are sensitive areas that contain important oil glands responsible for lubricating your eyes. Makeup can clog those glands, causing an unstable tear film that evaporates too easily. If this happens, you are prone to suffer from irritation and dry eyes.
If you apply liner on your waterline (that point where your eyelid meets your eyeball), you are more prone to clogging the glands, but you are also more prone to increase the risk of makeup products to enter your tear film.  This is not only irritating but can also lead to bacteria buildup in your eye. And you definitely don't want that.

Remove makeup before bed

Remove makeup before bed!

Sounds obvious, but it's not! Removing your makeup before bed is not only extremely beneficial for your skin health (as a matter of fact, not doing so can be dramatically damaging over time), but it is also extremely important for your eyes. Removing makeup before bed will allow your eyes to take a break from any potential inflammatory or irritating component.

Get rid of old makeup

Get rid of old makeup!

You would throw out anything that is expired, and you should do the same thing with your makeup. Eye makeup, especially mascara, can be the perfect humid environment for bacteria to grow. If this happens, you are likely to get conjunctivitis. The same thing happens with any other liquid or creamy makeup. So make sure you keep your products fresh!

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