Bolt beauty capsules: fab or fad?

Everyone is going crazy over these tiny beauty capsules, so we have no other option but to dig in and find out if they are as fabulous as they say!

It only takes one innocent tap on Tik Tok or Instagram to find out that everyone is obsessing over Bolt's beauty capsules. What are they? what do they do? do they really work? Find all your answers here.

What are beauty capsules?

What are they?

Bolt beauty capsules are travel-friendly, tiny, sustainable drops made mainly from seaweed. These biodegradable capsules have four different formulas and they are perfect for every skin type.

What do they do?

These capsules are sustainable and made from seaweed.

There are four different capsules with different properties. 

The filthy clean capsule is an everyday cleanser, suitable for sensitive skin, to wash away makeup and dirt. It will leave your skin clean and smooth without stripping it from its natural oils.

The mad about moisture capsule is a soothing moisturizer that is packed with nourishing ingredients.

The vitamin A game capsule is a retinol serum that will work wonders on your skin, making it brighter, firmer, and blemish-free.

The glow don't shine capsule contains a mattifying serum that is similar to honey, and it is known for reducing shine and imperfections.

Do they really work?

The reason why everyone is obsessed with these tine beauty capsules is that they live up to their name and they do work. Another great thing about these capsules is that they are really lightweight and not sticky or greasy at all, leaving your skin perfectly smooth afterward. All in all: these capsules are fab!

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