Beautiful hair: learn how to use hair oils correctly Beautiful hair: learn how to use hair oils correctly

Beautiful hair: learn how to use hair oils correctly

If you want to protect your hair, make it look shiny and healthy, we tell you why you should use hair oil.

One of the great benefits of hair oil is that it allows hair to be stronger from the root. It's great for anyone who is struggling with hair loss or breakage.

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For your hair to grow better you also need to use hair oil. Always try to apply the oils as a pre-wash treatment. This allows it to soak into the shaft, making the hair less vulnerable to breakage when it finally gets wet.

How do I use hair oil?

First, it's essential to include a massage when applying the oil to your dry hair. Just as a facial promotes blood circulation, a pre-shampoo massage will stimulate and nourish the scalp. Secondly, avoid using too much. You don't want to block your follicles and you only need enough to hydrate your scalp.

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Finally, use your fingers to comb out the excess of oil, starting at the ends and working your way up to the roots to minimize snagging. Leave the oil in your hair for five minutes, or better still, overnight, so that it is completely absorbed.  

Oil is good for all hair types because its only job is to moisturize, which benefits us all. They are one of the few formulas that can actually penetrate the hair shaft for fast results.

Great benefits of hair oil

Shower steam can work wonders

Before rinsing the oil, let it rest on your hair while you shower. The steam will help open up the follicles and cuticles, allowing the oil to penetrate even deeper into the roots.

With these simple tips, you will see that your hair looks healthier and stronger than ever. You only need a few minutes a day to care for your hair.

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