Ashley Graham's favorite serum for fixing hair loss

Ashley has been sharing her journey as a new mom, normalizing some common issues that celebrities tend to hide. The model has been praised for speaking about common post-partum issues, such as hair loss.

Hair loss has been a real problem for her, and after having tried a variety of products, she shared the one that helped her deal with the problem. While shedding anywhere between 80-100 strands a day is completely normal. you may notice that sometimes this becomes more visible. Hormonal changes, stress, and allergies are only some of the triggers, and it's always worth talking to a professional about it.

One of the triggers can be having a baby, which is exactly what Ashley has been experiencing since giving birth to her baby boy back in January. 

Having tried many products, the model revealed to her Instagram followers that she's been loving Kérastase Initialiste Advanced scalp and Hair concentrate, as it has apparently begun restoring her hair quite quickly. 

"No one is giving me money for this," she said on Instagram. "I'm just telling y'all because I was freaking out, and now I know."

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