Amazing! How to make up your eyes to look bigger with your makeup Amazing! How to make up your eyes to look bigger with your makeup

Amazing! How to make up your eyes to look bigger with your makeup

If you want to put all the attention in your look, discover what you should reinforce so that your eyes look bigger only with makeup tricks.

You don't have to be an expert to achieve incredible results, and makeup often works magic. You can highlight or hide anything you like with some online tutorials and lots of enthusiasm. Is that not true? From getting the optical illusion of a thinner nose to full lips, super high cheekbones, makeup fixes it all. Let's see what tricks you need so that the only thing we see is your look.

You can use a light brown shade in the crease, which adds dimension to the eye.

1. Frame the look with eyeliner
You must work the eyelashes and frame the look. To do this, he explains, the best thing you can do is draw a line flush with the eyelashes in the upper part of the eye and, in the lower part, do it only halfway. In this way, a greater depth is achieved. Outlines not only lengthen the eye, but they also make it appear larger.

2. Voluminous almost false lashes
As for the mascara, it should be applied to both the upper and lower lashes to open the eyes well. You must make masks that lengthen and define the lashes. Choose masks that enhance the volume of your lashes.

Mascara helps you fake bigger-looking eyes.

3. Smokey eyeshadows
The drawing that we would make in the eye with them should have a C shape, making up the external area of the eyelid with a darker color, deepening the so-called banana. We would leave the lighter color for the center of the mobile eyelid and, for the tear duct, and even lighter tone to bring light to the look.

4. The eyebrows are the protagonists
The eyebrows frame your face, do not forget to put makeup on and comb them to make them look defined and with volume.

5. Make up the water line
Delineate the water line in a beige tone to enlarge the eye and leave the colors darker for those cases in which the eyes are already large enough. When we make up the water line in black, the eye stands out much more, although its effect is more delicate.


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