Aloe vera: 5 incredible health benefits you didn't know about

Everyone knows that aloe vera is a plant with countless benefits, which is why it’s used to produce creams, sunscreen, and many more products related to skincare and beauty. However, there are some hidden health benefits that you possibly didn't know about...

1. Skin moisturizer

One thing many people don’t know is that UV light, present in sunlight, can hurt your skin very easily and many times, without it being noticed on the outside. Aloe vera acts to protect your skin against dehydration, a big enemy of everyone’s skin. A good idea is to freeze aloe vera into ice cubes and use them to refresh your skin in the mornings.

The key is that aloe vera is very easily absorbed into the skin. This means that it provides benefits when used both on oily and dry skin, a quality that not many other substances have. It’s often advised to use aloe after a bath or shower in order to achieve proper skin moisture. You can make an aloe vera gel for your face and apply it after a good bath!

Aloe vera helps to prevent skin from dehydration by effectively refreshing it.

2. Sunburns healer

It’s pretty common to hear the word aloe vera when someone has a sunburn. In fact, taking the gel directly out of the plant and using it on your skin will fasten the skin’s healing process. This is due to the plant’s aloin content, a compound that provides anti-inflammatory properties which, together with the aloe’s moisturizing abilities, help fight against skin peeling after sunburn. Additionally, it’ll make you feel better immediately because of its cooling sensation!

However, it’s important to remember that aloe vera isn’t an effective sunburn prevention agent. While it contains antiseptics and other elements that promote the skin’s healing, aloe doesn’t protect the skin beforehand. You should also avoid aloe vera when treating a severe sunburn, at least until you’ve discussed it with a doctor.

Aloe vera soothes the skin after a sunburn and boosts the healing process.

3. Hydrating agent

The aloe vera plant is full of water, which means it can help your whole body to prevent dehydration. In addition to that, by keeping your body hydrated aloe forces bad bacteria out of your body. It also contains large amounts of nutrients, such as minerals, folic acid, and vitamins B, B12, C, E, all important compounds for the body. Next time you do some workout, try to drink aloe vera juice to get these nutrients!

Aloe vera is full of water, which is the reason why it’s such a great hydrating agent.

4. Skin cleanser

Among the previously mentioned properties, aloe vera can prevent acne from coming out. This is because aloe vera gel works great as an anti-inflammatory agent and, simultaneously, it’s perfect for people with oily skin. The results when combating inflammatory forms of acne are totally worth it!

You can combine aloe vera gel with a neutral cleanser in order to get rid of the extra oiliness that produces pores obstruction, the most common cause of acne. It’s advised to use a cotton swab to gently apply the mixture on your skin, directly over the pimple. Repeat this process three times a day and enjoy the results! You can also learn these 3 little-known ways of adding aloe vera to your skincare routine and help rejuvenate it.

You can get rid of inflammatory forms of acne with the help of aloe vera.

5. Haircare essential

Just like it hydrates your skin, aloe vera hydrates your hair. It’s perfect to prevent split ends, dryness, and dull hair. You can use aloe vera as a leave-in conditioner or apply it to your hair and leave it for a couple of hours, which will make your hair absorb all the nutrients that it’s missing and will also get rid of the extra oil. The result is a healthy and shiny look that’ll brighten your hair!

Aloe vera hydrates your hair and gives it its brightness back.

Bottom line

Aloe vera can help you solve many common problems, whether it’s on your skin or hair. The best part? You don't need to spend a fortune to enjoy these benefits, as aloe vera is easy to grow in your garden and cheap to purchase at a local health store. Check out more articles about the uses you can give to aloe vera here!

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