Reusable cleansing pads: an environmentally friendly alternative

All you need to know about reusable cleansing pads

Wipes and disposable cotton pads are slowly but surely being replaced with reusable cleansing pads. These claim to be more efficient and environmentally friendly, two elements that are key in the beauty and skincare industry nowadays. Here's what you need to know about their impact on the environment, the different options you have, and their actual functioning.

Let's start with the basics: how are reusable cleansing pads more environmentally friendly than disposable cotton pads? First of all, the second ones, as their name indicates, can be used only once and end up in the trash very quickly. Multiply the number of cotton pads you use each day by the total days of the year and you'll notice how staggering the result is.

Disposable cotton pads have a very short lifespan, which is why they often end up discarded.

As opposed to that, reusable cleansing pads can serve for lots of uses. Depending on the brand and the material, you can wash them with a washing machine or rinse them out with some soap and water by hand. This process can be repeated hundreds of times, which means there'll be a long period of time when you'll produce no waste related to makeup-removal.

Additionally, cotton pads are usually not organic and their production often includes pesticides, fertilizers, and chemicals. When considering the creation and disposal process, disposable cotton pads have a higher negative impact on wildlife and humans. On the other hand, reusable cleansing pads made with pure cotton, bamboo, cloth, konjac sponge, or others are more easily recycled and disposed of.

When it comes to the effects of reusable cleansing pads on your skin, the results are also superior. Their lack of preservatives and softness work together to prevent inflammations on sensitive skin types, small skin tears, and other problems related to aggressive products.

Reusable cleansing pads are soft, gentle alternatives to remove your makeup.

You also have many options to choose from, according to the treatment you're looking for. Muslin cloths, for example, are gentle and help to exfoliate and buff through the boost of collagen production. It's best used with lukewarm or tepid water. 

Are you feeling more curious about reusable cleansing pads? Their lower impact on the environment and gentle approach on your skin is surely something to consider when improving your skincare and makeup routine!

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