All to know about glycerin for hair: are there any benefits of using it?

It is inexpensive, it is already probably present in your moisturizer, lotion, and several other skincare products. But what about applying it to the hair?

Glycerin has been a staple in skincare for a long time now. Glyrecin is a sugar alcohol that is derived from several products: animals, plants, petroleum or synthetically made. It is basically a humectant. If it is the answer for your skin, could it be true for your hair too?

Hair benefits of glycerin

Hair benefits of glycerin

Glycerin draws in moisture to the hair and the scalp and helps create a healthy barrier to prevent the moisture from leaving the hair and skin. If your scalp is hydrated, it will help you prevent several issues such as dandruff and oil overproduction.

Another great property of glycerin is that it is antimicrobial and it can treat the itchiness caused by dryness or dandruff.

It is great to reduce dehydration, frizz and breakage.

If your scalp is healthy, your hair will be healthier and it can make new hair grow –think of it as a fertilizer.

It is safe for all hair types, but its results are more visible if you deal with dry, dehydrated thick hair. Especially if your hair is porose, glycerine leads to improved hydration.

Include Glycerin for hair

Make a glycerin spray

Try to go for pure glycerin and you might want to dilute it, as it could be highly occlusive.

 As a spray: Make a glycerin spray with water to detangle or to leave in after you’ve washed and conditioned your hair. You can try different concentrations to see what works for you.

As a mask: Use glycerine in your hair before conditioning once or twice a week.

Add a few drops to your conditioner or after shampoo apply some aloe vera and glycerin to your wet hair, leave it for 20 minutes, rinse it out, and voilá the perfect deep conditioning treatment!

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