Ageless skin without surgery (night and daycare)

Here is your ideal routine, which combines day products with other anti-aging products at night so your skin looks ageless.

As time goes by, the components of our skin begin to decrease. At this time it's important to start skincare at an early age. You must do skin cleaning and hydration every day to avoid early aging.

In the morning, start by splashing your face with warm water or wash with face cleanser for your skin.

Steps for daycare

1) Cleaning
Choose which products are suitable for your skin type (seborrheic, acne, rosacea, mixed or dry). Products that are suitable for all skin types are micellar water, neutral vegan soaps, and gels without parabens to avoid damaging or irritating your face.

2) Hydration
It’s important to always have the best anti-age ally: the Serum with hyaluronic acid. This product has become one of the most relevant ingredients in terms of anti-aging creams and treatments, as it's a powerful collagen moisturizer and stimulator. Mainly absorbs water, giving greater hydration, indirectly stimulating the production of collagen. Tones and strengthens the skin.

If you have dehydrated skin, try a hydrating serum or creams.

3) Revitalize your face with antioxidants
Vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant that helps the body's cells protect themselves from the damage caused by “metabolic residues” (free radicals) in the body. It stimulates the formation of collagen and indirectly helps in production against UV rays. In other words, it protects our skin from exposure to external contamination. It generates a smooth and luminous skin.

4) Always use sun protection
Sunscreen with or without color is what you should always carry. Choose it according to your skin type. It needs to be renewed every two hours.

Your nighttime routine should be all about the treatment and giving your skin a breathe.

Steps for night-care

1) Cleaning
Apply a facial cleanser. Later, wash your face, using warm water on your face helps to open your pores, clearing them of dirt, oil, and bacteria that can lead to acne. It also relaxes you before bed.

2) Rinse
After you apply a facial cleanser, you may also want to use a clean washcloth to gently pull away any remaining cleanser and wipe away any dead skin that remains.

3) Use a mask
- Moisturizing masks: hydrate giving a luminous and shiny appearance to the skin. They mostly contain honey and other substances capable of containing water.

- Nourishing masks: they generate, like moisturizers, luminosity, more nutrition, and a smooth appearance to the skin. There are different tastes.

- Exfoliating masks: mainly serve to remove dead cells from the most superficial layer of the skin.

- Decongestant masks: They have active ingredients that calm the skin, such as chamomile, mallow, aloe vera, among others. They are mainly used in rosacea, post-peeling.

Choose face masks to add to your skincare regime.

4) Drink a glass of water
Drinking a glass of water before bed helps you stay hydrated through the night, leaving you more prepared to face whatever the morning holds.

5) Sleep well at night
A good rest is essential for the health of the skin.

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