Adult acne: The skincare routine dermatologists recommend

Adult acne: The skincare routine dermatologists recommend

If you have acne-prone skin, I know it can get overwhelming at times, but following a healthy beauty routine, it needn’t be. Here’s what experts have to say about adult acne.

Acne is produced by a disorder of the hair follicles and oil glands –which secrete sebum to keep the moisture in your skin. When those glands get clogged, it leads to pimples and cysts. It can be triggered by bacteria, hormonal changes and even diet can contribute to inflammation. The good news is that all acne can clear with the right treatment.

Consitency is the key.

How to prevent acne?

Not all acne requires prescription products, mild acne can be treated by a consistent skincare routine –and consistency is the key.


Cleanse, tone, treat, moisturize, apply sunscreen

Start your day by cleansing with a creamy, oil-free cleanser with salicylic acid and avoid using abrasive exfoliant sponges or scrubs to avoid irritating the skin. To further remove extra oil and impurities from the skin and also restore the pH of the skin, apply some toner. If your skin is not so oily, skip this step because toner can dry your skin.

Don't ever go to sleep without cleansing.

To treat spots, you can choose products that contain active ingredients like salicylic acid, benzoyl, peroxide, and sulfur –you should consult an expert to assess your skin’s need. Then your skin needs to be moisturized to protect it from external pollutants. Finalize with UPF protection and, if you wish to, apply your preferred oil-free makeup.

Do not tone if your skin is dry.


Cleanse, tone, treat, apply night cream

This the very step you should never miss: cleanse. During the day dirt, oils, makeup and pollution build up in your face, and it is completely necessary not to let it sit on your face the whole night.  Again, if your skin tends to be dry, do not apply toner, if you are on the oily side, you might want to use some toner –it reduces your pore size and helps with redness.

As for the actual treatment for your breakouts, you could co for azelaic acid –it kills bacteria, exfoliates dead skin and brightens your face.

Finally, apply an evening moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid or a facial oil with salicylic acid.

As a general rule, limit the number of products you use, because too many of them will cause skin irritation and an up aggravating acne or blocking your pores. And you have to be patient, it won’t work overnight, to decide whether a product works or not you should use it for at least 8 or 12 weeks.

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