Add pomegranate to your skincare routine if you want these benefits Add pomegranate to your skincare routine if you want these benefits

Add pomegranate to your skincare routine if you want these benefits

We have been hearing for quite a long time now that pomegranate is kind of a superfood, but did you know that it is also good for your skin?

Lately, more and more dermatologists are recommending pomegranate as a great ally for skincare. At a glance, it makes sense if you consider that it is an antioxidant, which helps skin regeneration, boosts detox, and protects against UV radiation. Let’s dig deeper.

What are the benefits of pomegranate for skin?

Antioxidant: pomegranates contain anthocyanins, ellagic acid, and tannins. All these antioxidants are great free radical blockers, which play a huge role in skin aging.

Cell regeneration: pomegranates help protect the outer layer of your skin, as well as promoting skin regeneration on the inner layers, increasing circulation and improving the appearance of the tissue.

Sun protection: pomegranates have sun-protective components. Pomegranate seed oil helps protect against skin cancer thanks to the ellagic acid that it is largely found in the fruit.

Anti-aging: with the number of antioxidants it has, pomegranates are great to protect your skin against premature aging caused by exposure.

Who should use it?

Who should use it?

Pomegranate works with any type of skin. Since it has a small molecular structure, it can penetrate deeply into the skin, so it is really effective for dry skin. However, pomegranate oil also works for oily skin, as it helps combat breakouts, reduces scarring, and soothe minor irritations.

How to use it

According to experts, pomegranate is perfect to be used as a spot treatment agent for skin problems, such as hyperpigmentation, acne scars, or age spots. However, as it is rich in polyphenols, pomegranates can be used in almost any product and in any concentration for different purposes.

Are there any side effects?

Are there any side effects?

Unless you know you are allergic to pomegranate or any of its components, side effects are rare. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that pomegranate can quickly oxidize in water, so if you decide to use a pomegranate based product, you should not let it sit. And remember, always check with your dermatologist first!

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