A guide to which treatments you can still do at home and which you should get at a salon

During the lockdown, we learned to do lots of treatments that we used to do at home. But doing all of them might not be a good idea, as you might end up doing more harm than good. Here’s what you have to know.

During lockdown I decided that it was a good idea to color my hair –well, it wasn’t. I did as my hairdresser told me to –leave the dye for 30 minutes, what I didn’t know is that I had not taken into account the fact that it took me at least twice as much to apply the product to my hair. The result: well, you might imagine, to say the least, I ended up with a very uneven tone.

So when does he have to make an appointment?

When you want to get a hair cut

When you want to get a hair cut

It is not a good idea to cut your hair or even your fringe at home. Unless you are not bothered by a crooked edge or with an unintentional micro-fringe, don’t.

To apply permanent dye

Though it might be hard to resist, do, please. If you have highlights or lowlights, or even if you have long hair and you want to change your color –do trust in your hairdresser's expertise.

To perm your lashes

To perm your eyelashes

A lash perm looks amazing and it lasts up to six weeks, but it by no means should you attempt this at home. Applying chemicals to your eyes is not a very good idea –get an appointment or use mascara.

Cut your cuticles or cut any skin on your feet

Cutting your cuticles or any skin of your hands or feet is quite dangerous. Your equipment won’t be sterile and there could be a chance you actually infect the area you wanted to beautify.

Which treatments you can still do at home?

Take care of your hair health

You can do all kinds of hair hydrating treatments, apply masks and oils. And if your gray roots are emerging and you want to cover them, use root touch-up powders and sprays.

Weekly manis and pedis

Weekly manis and pedis

You can file the bottom of your feet, add moisture, change the nail polish of your nails, but avoid seriously cutting yourself.

Tidy your eyebrows

You can pluck random hairs hanging around your temple. But don’t do any drastic or go anywhere near the main shape.

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