A comprehensive guide to choosing the correct nude lipstick

A comprehensive guide to choosing the correct nude lipstick

Finding the right nude lipstick for your skin tone is not easy, but here are some tips that will help you with that.

If you don’t find the perfect shade of nude, you can either end up looking like your dead or like you’re trying to make brown lipstick happen (again). When you find the shade that perfectly matches your skin tone, a world of endless possibilities opens up before your eyes. Ok, maybe not so, but it will definitely be a game-changer.
Here are some guidelines to choose the perfect nude lipstick.

Skin tone: Alabaster

For fair and milky skin tones (think Christina Hendriks), you should go for dusty baby pink, because if the tone is too beige, it will bring down your natural colors and make you look like you are not feeling very well. Also, you might want to avoid opaque lipsticks and go for a sheerer version.

Skin tone: Fair

Skin tone: fair

If your skin tone resembles Emma Stone's, your nude option should be kind of rosy-beige, but despite what you see on magazines, it is recommended to pick a shade that brings separation between your skin and your lips.

Skin tone: Light

If your skin tone is slightly olive, you should opt for a warmer shade. In this case, it can either be pink or beige and it will look good.

Skin tone: Warm olive

If you have warmer olive undertones, you should look for a beige lipstick, with caramel tones that are a bit darker than your skin. You can also opt for a glossier formula.

Skin tone: Cool olive

If your skin tone resembles that of Lea Michele’s, you can opt for a darker nude or a lighter nude —as long as your lips don’t disappear.

Skin tone: Tan

If your skin tone is tan, whether real or fake, you should opt for a shimmery nude look to enhance your sunny color. 

Skin tone: Medium

For medium skins, it is recommended to go for a pink shade that is a bit lighter than the color of your skin, adding separation between face and lips.

Skin tone: Caramel

For caramel skin, you can opt for a caramel-shade nude. If you want to create a perfect look, you can also add some caramel liner and a little gloss to make your lips really stand out.

Skin tone: Mocha

Skin tone: Mocha

If your skin tone is similar to Rihanna’s, you can opt for rosy hues with a hint of gold or a caramel hue with a hint of silver shimmer.

Skin tone: dark

Skin tone: dark

To get the perfect nude lipstick for dark skin and look as fabulous as Lupita Nyong'o, you should opt for a tone that is a bit lighter than your skin and top up with some lip gloss to bring the look together in a natural way. 

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