7 Beauty products you can store in your refrigerator

7 Beauty products you can store in your refrigerator

In the past few years, skincare fridges have been increasing in popularity, and while it sounds super fancy and expensive some of them are quite affordable, but what are the benefits?

Whether you choose to get a skincare minifridge or you choose to keep them in your refrigerator, the question is what does it actually do to the product. It is said that cold beauty tools can help decrease puffiness and redness and keeping skincare products cool can also extend their shelf life!

1. Eye skincare

To treat puffy eyes use an undereye parch mask that has been stored in the refrigerator.

If you want to reduce puffiness and dark circles, keep your eye creams, balms and patches.

2. Masks

Keep your masks in your fridge to reduce redness.

Sheet masks are great to wake your skin up, on top of that if you are experiencing sensitivity, cold sheet masks can offer soothing effects.

3. Gel moisturizers

Applying cold moisturizers will make the blood vessels in your face constrict and this will prevent redness,

4. Face mists

Toners and face mists have a great cooling effect when stored in the refrigerator,

Cold face mists will nourish your skin and allow your face to cool down.

5. Nail polish

Keeping your nail polish in the refrigerator can extend its life.

Keeping your nail polish in the refrigerator will extend the life of your favorite colors.

6. Skin tools

Quartz and jade rollers needn’t be stored in the fridge, but make the experience luxurious –apply some serum rolling a cold jade roller for a spa treatment at home.  

7. Vitamin C serums

It is paramount to keep vitamin C products out of the sunlight, in a cool and dry place.

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