5 yoga poses to boost your radiance

5 yoga poses to boost your radiance

These days force people to be more human and place collective love in the center of life, yoga is more useful for humanity now than ever. This practice helps to connect to your truest self on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. Your mind and body will be grateful.

With yoga, the energy of the person gets cleared. Yogis say that your energy body perceives everything before your physical body. Before your mind ever recognizes it, your energy field felt it.

Here are the best 5 poses that the yoga instructor Mary Clare Sweet shares to cleanse your aura so that your inherent radiance can shine bright.

1-High Lunge Variation

Begin in high lunge!

Begin in High Lunge with your right foot forward, stacking your front knee on top of your ankle if possible. Press into your heels and gently hug your inner thighs into your midline as you firm your back leg. Extend your arms behind you slightly below shoulder height, with palms facing down. Focus your gaze on something in front, take five deep breaths.

2- Virabhadrasana II ( aka Warrior II)

Warrior II

Spin your back heel down and open your body to the side. Arms in a "t" shape with palms facing down. Elongate arms as you lift the center of your chest. Firm your leg muscles. Hold this pose for five peaceful breaths. 

3-Skandasana (Pose Dedicated to the God of War) variation

Pose dedicated to the god of war

Bend your left knee and shift your body weight to that back leg. Stretch your front leg straight and flex your right foot to create a side lunge. Your front elbow touches the inside of your left knee as you gaze to the front of your mat. Take three long breaths.

4-Virabhadrasana I (Warrior Pose I)

Move to Warrior I pose

Turn your body to the front of the mat. Bend your right knee toward your second toe. Internally rotate your back thigh, which will turn your back toes slightly forward on a diagonal. Hug your leg muscles toward your leg bones as you lift and engage your pelvic floor. Stretch your arms to a 45’ angle toward the sky. Gaze at the crest of your thumbs. Hold for five deep breaths.

5-Humble Warrior Pose

Humble warrior pose

Interlace your hands behind your lower back. Elbows bent or straight to honor your shoulders. Bow your abdomen inside your front leg for Humble Warrior Pose. Your legs remain strong, your neck is relaxed. Hold for three deep breaths.

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