Benefits of witch hazel and why you should use it in your skincare

Best known for shrinking pores and fighting the first signs of aging, this natural toner is the key ingredient for healthier and clearer skin. 

Do you know witch hazel has tonnes of benefits? This beauty treasure is a shrub, that's has been used for centuries by Native Americans as a remedy for a variety of skin ailments related to irritation and inflammation. Nowadays, you can find witch hazel at your local drugstore. 

Witch hazel provides a perfectly natural way to treat skin conditions that affect the face in lieu of a traditional astringent or toner.

Witch hazel is a natural toner for all kinds of skin concerns.

1. Tightens pores
Witch hazel is a rich source of compounds that make the proteins inside skin cells come together, treating acne among other benefits. It makes your pores appear smaller in a very short time.

2. Prevent the signs of aging
Witch hazel may have antioxidant effects that help prevent free radical damage to the skin from UV. Furthermore, its astringent properties can make your skin look firmer (and younger).

Apply witch hazel to ease irritation, acne, and inflammation.

3. Anti-acne
Witch hazel may benefit non-inflammatory acne as whiteheads and blackheads. It can act as an astringent by drying out the blemishes and its plant-based compounds also have antioxidant effects.

Witch hazel has also been applied to the skin for itching, pain, and swelling.

4. Skin burns treatment
To use witch hazel for skin burns, soak either a soft cloth or a small cotton ball with the solution. Then gently press onto the burn. Don’t rub it in, as this can cause further irritation.

5. Reduces inflammation
Witch hazel may temporarily calm the appearance of irritated skin. It's just a handy product when insect bites, breakouts, or sunburn are affecting your skin.

Cathy Mason

Cathy has spent most of her professional life discovering homemade beauty remedies, old and new. Using her extensive knowledge of natural ingredients, Cathy will provide expert advice on how to tackle everyday skincare problems with straightforward natural lotions and potions. + info

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