5 great blackhead-clearing face masks

These babies are like vacuums for your pores!

Blackheads are very difficult. You constantly get tempted to pick and push them out yourself but of course, that will only work in the short run, because in the long term… well, you probably figured it out already on your own (even more than one time).

One of the best treatments out there to get rid of and prevent future blackheads is a high-quality face mask.

Here are the top 5 face masks that will help you get rid of blackheads.

Here are some masks that are really helpful!

1-Umbrian Clay

It will clean out your pores and clear up your complexion. It contains sandalwood oil, which helps calm any irritation, and lavender to soothe any redness.

2-Amazonian white clay

This magical one will draw out impurities to unclog pores. But not only that, at the same time, the oatmeal and aloe vera in it will soothe and hydrate the skin. It has a really refreshing cooling effect, too.

3-Nightwear detox mask

This mask works wonders!

It's super lightweight, reduces the appearance of pores, and leaves you with a brighter complexion. What else can Esteé Lauder do? Definitely one of the best.

4-Waterclay mask

Its gel clay mask formula, which is made of mineral mud and mint water, quickly absorbs any excess oil and cleans out any impurities to keep pores clear. It’s more like a dream coming true than a face mask.

5-Charcoal mask

Charcoal masks are really helpful, too!

This mask can absorb oil, dirt, and debris and tightens pores. You'll see why this is so awesome once you try it once. You’ll fall in love with it.

Now that you find out about the best face masks in the market, what are you doing? Go and get them online asap! Your skin can be grateful later. 

Cathy Mason

Cathy has spent most of her professional life discovering homemade beauty remedies, old and new. Using her extensive knowledge of natural ingredients, Cathy will provide expert advice on how to tackle everyday skincare problems with straightforward natural lotions and potions. + info

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