5 Expert-approved ways to keep your curls hydrated

If you have coils, waves or curls, you know how difficult is to keep them healthy. Here is what experts say!

If you’ve ever wondered what makes your hair curly, it is due to hair follicles that curl as they grow, so it is harder for the scalp oil to move down the shaft and provide hydration. This is why curly hair needs more moisture and hydration than straight hair.

To fully embrace your hair texture, you should keep your curls hydrated and balanced with these 5 tips.

1. Protect your natural oils

1. Protect your natural oils

When you wash your hair, go for a shampoo that does not contain surfactants so it won’t strip your hair and scalp from its natural oils. Chelating shampoos are magnets for impurities, pulling them out of your hair strands but without stripping your natural oils. Condition and live it in to lock all the moisture!

2. Invest in a leave-in conditioner

First of all, don’t wash it as often as you would if you had straight hair. A leave-in conditioner will protect against pollutants and will keep it properly moisturized.

3. Remove all buildup from your scalp

3. Remove all buildup from your scalp

For your hair to be able to soak all the nutrients and hydration, you need to keep your scalp free of buildup, a curl-enhancing product rich in allantoin will help shed dead skin cells and provide intense moisture as well.

4. No blow drying

Switch to air drying if you don’t want to worsen dry ends with heat styling. If you can’t stand not styling your hair with hot tools, give your hair a break at least once or twice a week.

5. Add a serum to your routine

It is essential to moisture your curls every day. Use a serum to moisture your hair follicles to maintain your curls as desired.

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