5 life-changing Aloe Vera gel face masks for healthy and even skin

We bring you 5 Aloe Vera face masks for all skin types. Find the ideal one for you!

Aloe vera gel has been used for centuries due to its moisturizing and repairing properties, which together with its active compounds and anti-oxidation properties, produce a rejuvenating effect on the skin. 

Aloe Vera can be used by people of all skin types

Aloe Vera for every skin

1. Mask for a radiant skin
Rosewater and the antioxidant properties of this plant nourish the skin, significantly improving its appearance. If you add the properties of turmeric together with honey, you will increase its exfoliating and regenerating power.

Using aloe vera for the face can help moisturize the skin

What do you need?

Recipe: Add all the ingredients in the blender and mix until you get a creamy paste. Apply a thin layer of the cream to clean and dry skin. Leave on for 10 minutes and stir with warm water. You can repeat its use up to three times a week.

2. Mask to detoxify the skin
The antioxidant action of mango and aloe, added to the power of lemon, make this mask the ideal treatment to remove toxins and impurities from the skin, preventing the appearance of black spots and eliminating excess oil.

Aloe vera plant has been known and used for centuries for its health and beauty.

What do you need?

Recipe: Mix all the ingredients in the blender and beat until you get a thick paste. Before going to sleep, apply the mask with the help of a brush to a clean face. Leave it for 30 minutes and remove it with water. It should not be used during the day because lemon can stain the skin if exposed to the sun.

3. Mask for sensitive skin
This treatment contains mucilage, lactic acid, antioxidant agents and essential fatty acids that allow you to generate a shield on your skin against external aggressions.

Yoghurt contains lactic acid, which can aid in exfoliating the skin

What do you need?

Recipe: Put the ingredients in the blender and beat until you get a smooth and smooth cream. Apply it to the facial skin and leave it on for 15 minutes. Stir with cold water and repeat its use up to twice a week.

4. Mask for dry skin
This cream will regulate the natural pH of your dry skin, restoring the production of natural oils to keep it moisturized and soft. Thanks to this, its regular application allows you to take care of your skin to avoid the development of premature signs of ageing. Great to use on elbows and heels. 

Aloe Vera and cheese are gentle moisturizer for dry skin.

What do you need?

Recipe: Mix all the ingredients in a blender and beat for a few seconds to obtain a homogeneous cream. Clean your skin and apply it in an even way. After 20 minutes remove it with cold water. It can be used up to four times a week.

5. Exfoliating mask for the face.
The action of oats helps to renew the excess of dead cells, leaving it soft and renewed. The most interesting thing is that this mask is suitable for sensitive skin since it does not cause irritation or allergic reactions.

Make your skin glowing using aloe vera scrub.

What do you need?

Recipe: With the help of a mixer, mix the aloe vera gel and the cucumber until obtaining a creamy paste. Then, add the oat flakes and stir so that it is well integrated. Apply the scrub to the skin with gentle circular massages, let it rest for 10 minutes and rinse with fresh water. Repeat the application up to twice a week.

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