4 unexpected things that will happen if you soak your feet in vinegar for 15 minutes

4 unexpected things that will happen if you soak your feet in vinegar for 15 minutes

Besides being a basic ingredient in the kitchen, vinegar has many other uses that many are unaware of, such as deodorant, cleanser, and even as an ingredient for natural skin and hair care. Can you imagine making a vinegar bath for your feet? 

Apart from being one of the most well-known salad dressing in the world, vinegar has antimicrobial properties, it is a natural preservative, it has antioxidant effects, reduces blood pressure, helps control diabetes, prevents cardiovascular disease and improves blood glucose response. But have you ever thought you could profit from soaking your feet in vinegar? Let’s see what may happen to your feet if you do so, but before gathering all the ingredients, go and get every candle you can get a hold of because you're getting the spa experience right now!

1. Vinegar will relieve swollen feet:

To relieve your sore feet, the best thing you can do is dip them in warm water and vinegar. You only need water, vinegar, sea salt, Epsom salt, and dried lavender.

Soak your feet in vinegar

Steps to soothe swollen feet:

Feet can retain water due to heat and lack proper hydration, or because you have spent a long time standing. Vinegar bath to the rescue!

2. It will improve the appearance and health of the skin and toenails:

Vinegar can help you have more manicured and beautiful feet, as it removes unsightly cracks in the heels and callused.

4 healthy things that will happen if you soak your feet in vinegar for 15 minutes

Steps to indulge in your at-home pedicure:

3. Vinegar will prevent athlete's foot:

One of the most suitable ingredients to treat this problem is vinegar, which will decrease the itching and burning symptoms caused by this rash.

Gorgeous feet with the help of vinegar


Did you know that vinegar and baking soda is the most successful natural cleaning product?

4. Vinegar will prevent fungal infections:

Fungal infections are a serious problem and should be treated with a professional. For prevention, mix warm water with vinegar and put your feet in for 15 minutes, the pH of the nails will balance, and they will become healthier, as well as alleviating pain and inflammation. Again, this does not replace medication but will help alleviate the symptoms and prevent further issues.

4 healthy things that will happen if you soak your feet in vinegar for 15 minutes

Things to bear in mind:

While vinegar baths can be extremely helpful when used occasionally, their regular application can cause a skin rash and should be avoided. So weekly use is OK, but a daily one may not be helpful. (If you have open wounds, scratches, or cuts on your feet, don't use the vinegar foot bath).

Did you know that vinegar can be also used as a skincare product? Banish acne with this natural green tea and vinegar face mask


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