Beauty hacks: 4 Tips to improve your looks after a hungover

4 Solutions to 4 beauty problems caused by hangovers

Going out for drinks with friends is all fun until the next day brings a head-splitting hangover and its negative effects on your skin and hair. To solve and treat such problems, there are more ways than simply avoiding get-togethers! Here are 4 common beauty problems caused by your morning hangovers as well as their solutions.

If you’re hungover and want to disguise under-eye circles, learn how to correctly apply concealer.

Problem #1: Dark under-eye circles

If you wake up after a wild night where you didn't get much sleep, you probably shouldn't be surprised when you look in the mirror and see two dark circles under your eyes. These appear when your skin grows pale due to lack of sleep and makes the blood vessels underneath more visible. Additionally, puffy eyes can create shadows in the area under your eyes.

Solution #1: Apply concealer (correctly)

Disguising the dark under-eye circles with concealer is easier said than done, especially if you don't follow a proper technique. First of all, apply a thin layer of a light-reflective product with your ring finger. Secondly, blend in a bit of corrector on the dark areas. Then, pat on some highly pigmented concealer in the area. Keep in mind that peachy tones will help you mask the blueish tone of dark circles.

After partying all night long and drinking alcohol, your skin will benefit from some extra moisture and antioxidants.

Problem #2: Dull skin

A combination of lack of sleep and alcohol consumption has a big, negative impact on your skin, which will be left looking tired and parched. To begin with, your skin cells work hard overnight to improve the cell turnover levels. This process is interrupted when you get little to no sleep. Additionally, alcohol contains high amounts of sugar that dehydrate the skin.

Solution #2: Hydrate the skin and get help from antioxidants

There are two measures you can take to treat dull skin: hydrating it with an overnight face mask and use products with antioxidants to repair the damage the next morning. The first one can improve your look by preventing dark circles from forming and protecting the proteins on your skin. Antioxidants, on the other hand, are the biggest defense against free-radicals damage. Alcohol is one of these harmful elements, so incorporating antioxidant-rich serums and creams on your skincare routine can heal your skin.

Leaving your makeup on can clog the skin pores and lead to breakouts, so cleanse and exfoliate!

Problem #3: Breakouts

If your skin pores get clogged, whether it's with dead skin cells or other residues, it can lead to blackheads and breakouts. After spending a night partying out, this problem can arise if you don't remove your makeup. Your concealer, lipstick, and mascara can get smeared on your face and clog the skin pores, resulting in the above-mentioned issues.

Solution #3: Cleanse and exfoliate

Right after getting home, you need to remove your makeup, no matter how tired you feel. For quick and effective removal, an oil cleanser can go a long way. This product works to loosen the makeup and makes it easier to wipe off. Just make sure you're gentle and avoid damaging your skin barrier! The next morning, a gentle face exfoliant will remove any residues from your pores and restore your skin's glow.

Overusing hair styling products can have harmful effects, which you should combat with moisturizers and heat-protectors.

Problem #4: Frizzy and dry hair

There's nothing wrong with using a heating styler and hairspray every once in a while to achieve the perfect hairstyle to go out. However, this can leave your hair looking dull and frizzy. The main responsible for these problems are heating tools, which tend to dehydrate the strands over time. This, in turn, makes them hard to manage and increases the risks of frizz.

Solution #4: Moisturize and protect your hair

There are two ways to approach this issue: one is to treat it and the other one is to prevent it. A pre-shampoo conditioning treatment will help you give your hair its moisture and nutrients back after a harsh styling session. They're usually applied on damp hair for 20 minutes, once the damage is already done. On the other hand, you can opt for a heat-protective serum or spray to apply on dry hair before you begin to style it.

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