Hair basics: 3 natural ways you should be taking care of your hair

There are millions of products for hair care, but taking good care of it is all in the basics. You can spend a fortune on shampoo, but if you're not using it right, it will just go to waste. Learn how to take care of your hair, the right way.

1. Wash your hair carefully

Wash your hair carefully // Photo by Erick Larregui

Make sure you're using the right type of shampoo, whether it's for dull, oily, dry, or colored hair. Massage with your fingertips, from the roots to the ends. Rinse thoroughly.

Try sulfate-free shampoo as it won't be as harsh for your hair as the mainstream products. Opinions on whether you need to wash your hair every day or not differ, so find what's right for you and what feels good. You can use sea salt scalp scrub (just mix sea salt and olive oil and massage into your scalp) or an apple cider vinegar rinse to remove product buildup (mix 2-4 tbsp ACV and 8oz of water). These treatments are easily made at home and can be used once a week to boost your hair. 

2. After-wash care

Care for your hair when drying // Photo by Theme Photos

It is common to dry our hair by squeezing it tightly. The problem is that this mistake causes it to weaken and break.

To dry your hair, gently wring the ends and remove excess water by applying light pressure with a towel. There are now towels specifically designed for hair. Made from special materials, these are anti-freeze and dry your hair gently. 

It's also important to invest in an anti-tangle brush, designed for wet hair. Brush out the ends first so there's less risk of pulling your hair too strongly. You can apply almond or argan oil on the ends to keep them hydrated. 

3. Heat protection

Don't subject your hair to high temperatures // Photo by Xan Griffin

Although the hairdryer is handy,  heat can cause severe damage to your hair so use heat protection. Sun, vitamin deficiencies, a sedentary lifestyle, and a poor diet are all causes of damaged and dull hair. So use a hat, drink plenty of water, and focus on eating a variety of vegetables. 

A natural method to improve your hair is to use aloe vera. This natural plant has moisturizing properties and helps to open the pores in the scalp, thus facilitating greater absorption of vitamins and nutrients.

Aloe vera

For this natural hair remedy

Just mix aloe vera, a little olive oil, and then apply the mixture to the scalp for 15 minutes. Finally, rinse with warm water and that's it. Enjoy your soft and shiny hair!

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