3 Steps to curl your hair with a flat iron

Would you like to get beautiful and natural curls? You just need a hair straightener, a little practice, and follow these tips!

If you want to celebrate curly hair just with a little practice and a straightener you can easily turn your hair into a curly mane worthy of a movie star. in just a few minutes and without curlers. All you need is a hairbrush and your flat iron.

The rounded top flat irons are the best for curling hair. Also, if they’re irons that keep the heat on the outside, the curl will be more defined. These types of flat irons make turning and smoothing easier during application and automatically prevent unsightly hair folds.

Here's how to get the beautiful curls you've always wanted

1. Section your hair  

Once you’ve got everything ready to go, use a fine-tipped comb to draw a line from the middle of the forehead to the back, this way you'll divide the hair. Start at the bottom of your scalp, close to your ears and neck. Then draw a horizontal gap at the ear level. You will section your hair into four large parts. Clip or tie the rest of your hair up.

The curly girl's guide to getting great hair!

2. Start curling with a flat iron

This technique is quick and simple: wrap the hair around the iron, try to place the hair near the roots between the plates. Pull the flat iron down, and when you get to the point where you want the curls to start, rotate the iron 180 degrees away from your face. If you want the perfect full curls, rotate the straightener a full turn, turning the hair over onto itself. Continue with each of the sections.

3. Finish with a hairspray

3. Finish with a hairspray

Finally, this is also the time for playing with the texture and adding any additional styling products you like. Apply hairspray to each section immediately after you curl your hair. Enjoy your new look!

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