How to take care of your elbows, heels and eyelids

3 Most neglected body parts and how to take care of them

Your skincare routine is sure spot-on, you are drinking your water and doing exercise... but there are 3 body parts you are bound to have forgotten... Let's see!

Be honest. When was the last time you took care of your eyelids? Elbows? Heels? We thought so. And yet they deserve just as much TLC as the rest of you. Learn how to pamper these often-forgotten areas.

1. Elbows

How to take care of your elbows

The skin on our elbows is thicker and more prone to dryness and cracking. Because we flex our arms a lot as well, that skin can become saggy. 

How to take care of your elbows

Use a gentle scrub (you can make your own with coconut oil and sugar or coffee) and use it in the shower every couple of days. Massage the area in circles, then dry and apply a good moisturizer. One for dry skin is a good choice. 

2. Heels

Take care of your heels

Our feet work hard for us. Show them some love with weekly care. Enjoy a foot soak, use a file (the electric ones are fantastic), and massage a good foot cream. There are specific creams for feet and heels. They are designed for extra dry skin, so make use of them, especially before bedtime. Don't forget to put on cotton socks after applying the cream. You should have a pair to use for that specific reason.

3. Eyelids

Taking proper care of your eyelids

The skin on our eyelids is finer than on the rest of our face and yet wi put makeup on them, we rub them when our eyes are itchy and them we just by-pass them when the time for skincare comes. 

Some eye creams are safe enough to apply to the eyelids unless they contain retinoids which should not be used on such delicate areas. Use soft cotton pads to remove makeup (reusable ones tend to be softer than traditional ones) and avoid rubbing any product in. Gently pat the lids instead. 

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