3 Tips to store your beauty products and find them easily!

3 Tips to store your beauty products and find them easily!

We've all been there, out bathroom is overflowing with makeup, skincare essentials -and nonessentials -, hair products, and who knows what else! But, without turning into Marie Kondo, you can actually organize your self care products and not die trying. 

Our bathrooms are a sacred place: it is the place where we have relaxing baths, put on makeup, do hair and skin treatments, and spend a lot of time in, actually, but they are also chaotic at times. In my bathroom there are products I'm pretty sure should not be there in the first place and some other products I do need daily, but usually seem impossible to find. Why keep our bathrooms like that when there is a way to keep them more organized! Use these simple tips for the sake of your own sanity and store your products as you should!

1. Clear out your bathroom

Clear out your entire bathroom before you do anything else—cabinets, drawers and countertops. Get rid of all those empty bottles -yes, I know you have them, we all do-, donate whatever you are sure you are not going to use and clean everything. Keep the products you use daily, you might use when you travel and forget about the rest -that is just clutter.

2. Classify your items

Your essentials should be somewhere easy to reach: so store your daily moisturizer, SPF, cleansers, toothpaste and combs in your medicine cabinet or any drawer that is easy to reach. 

A necessaire can help you keep your makeup in one place.

Your makeup needs a dry, cool place, so instead of keeping cosmetics on your bathroom sink countertop, try storing them on a dresser or vanity in your bedroom. Concealers, sponges, palettes and tools have all different packaging, so look for a makeup organizer or necessaire that can help you keep them in one place.

As bath, body, and hair care products will be used in the shower, you should keep them stored inside your shower in a caddy, so they’re easily accessible. 

Keep bath, body, and hair care products in the shower.

3. Try to be consistent

This is the best piece of advice I can give you: if you organize your products, but the next day you store them in another place, it will make you waste time and energy. 

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