3 Tips to Grow your grays gracefully

3 Tips to Grow your grays gracefully

Are you tired of covering up your grays? Well, this could be something from the past –though we know the transition could be difficult. But don’t despair, here’s how to grow your grays!

We’ve been told for ages that we should try to conceal any sign of aging and if we failed to do so, that is a reason to be ashamed. Well, now we know better and embracing our age is the best way to show a life well-lived. It gets tiring to color your grays every month, but you don’t have to –you should do it only if you want to, not because you are ashamed to show your natural hair.

1. Cut your hair

Cut or style your hair.

Start cutting your hair in a style that complements your grays –short haircuts will help shape your hair and make you feel youthful. Your grays will grow more naturally as you cut off all the box dye.

2. Stay away from the permanent dye

Try to keep your hair as healthy as possible –stay away from harmful products such as permanent dyes. Once you let your hair grow, you’ll see that your natural hair was more beautiful than artificial colors.

3. Remember it’s a process

Rock your grays!

You have to be patient, it takes some time for your hair to grow. Try styling it, wearing makeup to make you feel more confident, just as with any new hair color, it’s not easy to adjust. Rock your grays, own it, aging is a natural process and there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

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