3 Almond Oil Hair Masks You Can Do at Home 3 Almond Oil Hair Masks You Can Do at Home

3 Almond oil hair masks you can make at home

Almond oil is known worldwide for its beauty benefits, it contains a lot of vitamins A, B, E and has antioxidant properties. Let's see its benefits.

Almond oil is a natural regenerator of the hair tissue, nourishes the scalp and prevents flaking, preventing dandruff. Let's discover your new friend together!

Almond oil strengthens and repairs hair.

1. Almond Oil for Dry Hair
I'm sure you were waiting for the recipe to treat dry hair. Here it is, you just have to mix one egg, with two tablespoons of this oil and one tablespoon of honey. After integrating the ingredients well and apply the mix to dry hair. Just leave the mask on for half an hour and remove it by washing as usual.

Almond oil contains some great benefits for hair due to its nourishing properties.

2. Almond Oil for Hair Restoration
It's very common to see how the ends of the hair open, break, and are more fragile than ever. Well, today we are going to apply this remedy with the oil in order to bring them back to life. We need two tablespoons of almond oil and half of natural vanilla extract. First, we are going to wash the hair and dry the excess water with a towel. Apply this mixture from the middle of the hair to the ends. Let it rest for half an hour and rinse.

Almond oil is excellent for treating dandruff and hair damage.

3. Almond Oil for Cleansing and Hydration
Both to hydrate and to clean, we need these natural ingredients: two eggs that we will mix with two tablespoons of natural yogurt and another two of the oil.

Apply it on dry hair and pay special attention to the area of the ends. Leave for a half-hour and wash the hair.

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