The top 5 natural appetite suppressants The top 5 natural appetite suppressants

The top 5 natural appetite suppressants

Here’s a list of the 5 food items that will be your saviors when dieting.


Oats are super rich in soluble fiber, this is a type of fiber that becomes gel-like when it dissolves in water. They literally 'gel-up' and help satiety that way. But that’s not it, as they impact appetite-reducing hormones, which will help you feel satisfied.

If staying full is the goal, the best way in which you can ingest oats is when they are cooked in water or milk to make oatmeal rather than sprinkled in some muffins, as soluble fiber needs liquid to thicken up and that’s what will make you feel satiety.

2-Wild salmon

Wild salmon is an excellent source of protein, typically containing 16 grams or more per serving. Plenty of studies support that protein impacts appetite, energy, and metabolism in a good way. Increased protein intake through foods like eggs, organic chicken, and wild salmon can help improve appetite and energy expenditure while also increasing fat oxidation by 50 percent. Wild salmon has the added benefit of being loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, which are great for heart health.


High in soluble fiber and protein, chickpeas and other legumes like black beans and lentils slow your blood sugar response and take longer to digest, helping you feel full. It is recommended to have a half cup of beans a day unless it leads to increased gas or bloating.


Avocado toast is the best thing in the world and now you will learn all its benefits besides being super delicious. Full of fiber and healthy fats, avocados are shown to help with satiety. This is for a few reasons—high fiber foods tend to be more filling than those low in fiber, and healthy fats digest slowly compared to other nutrients and foods. When avocados are combined with other foods, for example, on toast or with other foods, they help stretch out or slow the release of blood sugar, creating a longer, sustained release of blood sugar which helps with satiety. Aren’t they just great?


For a healthy, high-protein, and filling food choice, try your eggs hard-boiled or scrambled with veggies.

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