Should you drink tea after your meals? Should you drink tea after your meals?

Should you drink tea after your meals?

How many times did you feel drinking tea was just the answer? Well, some experts think that it might not be as healthy. Let's dig in.

Drinking tea after a meal is a habit that many people have, not only tea lovers. While many see this as a harmless addiction, some experts consider the habit anything but healthy. So, who is right? Let's see.

What we know for sure is that green tea (or any other herbal tea) is actually good. As a matter of fact, green tea is packed with benefits, particularly if you drink it after your meal.

Drinking green tea just after a meal makes it act like a catalyst, accelerating the production as well as the stimulation of many digestive enzymes including gastric juice, saliva, and bile to aid in the digestion process.

The catechins, an active compound present in green tea, enhance the pepsin activity to a great extent. An increased pepsin activity indicates a better breakdown of the dietary proteins. Green tea or herbal tea also helps in better absorption of dietary nutrients.

That sounds great, but... does the same thing happen with other teas?

Other teas have tannin, which slows down the absorption of many minerals including iron, zinc, and calcium. As a result, there may be a deficiency of these minerals, triggering a myriad of health complications.

In some people, tannin may also trigger constipation. People already suffering from the deficiency of these minerals should refrain from drinking tea straight after food meals.

But tannin is not the only thing you should be concerned about. Tea also has caffeine, which is a well-known substance that, in high quantities, can cause insomnia.

For people with a stomach ulcer, caffeine may be harmful as it is known to aggravate the condition further. It can also trigger a shoot in blood pressure and heart rate.

If you are a tea lover, then you might continue with the ritual of one cup after eating as long as you drink green or herbal tea. If you don't like them or you don't prefer them, then try to avoid other teas after lunch or dinner so they don't affect your digestion!

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