Ozonated water: what are the benefits?

Ozonated water: what are the benefits?

While searching for healthier alternatives to things consumed every day, people are turning to ozonated water as the best way to stay hydrated. Let's find out what this is all about.

Long story short: ozonated water is water that is essentially free of all impurities. As such, it is thought that this form of water has a myriad of benefits that range from fighting against bacteria and viruses to oxygenating the brain. 

The science behind it

What is ozonated water?

The ozonation used to create this type of water is a natural process that occurs when UV radiation splits a single oxygen molecule into two separate oxygen atoms. These atoms react with other oxygen molecules, creating ozone (O3). During this process, UV gets rid of any virus or bacteria that might be living in that water, and this is the reason why it is considered the purest form.

The many uses of ozonated water

Ozonated water has many uses and benefits!

Ozone is inorganic and it exists in the form of reactive gas. And while this gas might be toxic on the outermost layer of the atmosphere, when mixed with water it oxidizes and turns back into oxygen, which is why it is actually healthy to drink.

But besides drinking, there are many other uses of ozonated water. One of the most popular ones is for the disinfection of vegetables or kitchen countertops and sinks, but it is also beneficial for dental use. As a matter of fact, many dentists use ozonated water throughout the treatments.

Drinking ozonated water has many health benefits. For example, it can lessen the number of inflammations, it can purify your blood from harmful cells, it can send more oxygen to your brain, it can get rid of certain viruses upon immediate contact.

All in all, while this purification method can be quite expensive, it seems to be a great choice!

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