Is pasta healthy? Discover dietitians’ opinion

Is pasta good for your body or not? What do dietitians say about common pasta myths

Dietitians are usually asked about pasta and if it is good or bad for your body. Here is what experts say about this delicious dish

Pasta myths

There are several myths around pasta that make it an enemy when it is not. It is true that pasta is high in carbs, but that does not mean it is bad for health. Several studies found that it can actually have health benefits and according to experts, it is time to bust its myths and pasta should be put where it belongs: on the dinner table. Good news for pasta lovers! 

Pasta can be part of a healthy diet since it provides several nutrients // Photo by Healthnewsreview

Reasons to eat pasta

Despite being considered a guilty pleasure, pasta can boast a number of health benefits. A study published in the journal Frontiers in Nutrition has shown that pasta can be part of a healthy diet since it provides several nutrients so-called “shortfall nutrients,” such as folate, iron, magnesium, and dietary fiber. However, it is advisable to consume pasta in a way that fits within dietary recommendations. 

This study has also found that compared to people that do not consume pasta, the people who eat it have lower daily intakes of saturated fat and added sugar. 

A healthy pasta: Pair a lean protein with your pasta dish and then add non-starchy vegetables

What is the healthiest type of pasta?

The important thing here is not the type of pasta you eat but how you prepare it and how much you eat. These are the thing you should consider when eating pasta:

1) The portion size

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics explains that the appropriate serving size of uncooked pasta is a half cup.

2) The preparation

Firstly, pair a lean protein with your pasta dish so that the pasta only takes up about a quarter of your plate. Finally, add non-starchy vegetables, which will give your plate a whole bunch of fiber and help slow pasta’s digestion.

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