Halloween Desserts: Make These Delicious Chocolate Muffins

Halloween Desserts: Make These Delicious Chocolate Muffins

The date that children and adults wait all year is approaching and you can not stop preparing these incredible muffins that everyone will love.

Chocolate muffins are ideal and indispensable to celebrate Halloween. Although Halloween planning takes a long time, when putting together the party, looking for costumes, and thinking about games, the table must be set and full of delicious things. Why not impress foodies and the rest of your guests with some deliciously spooky Halloween desserts?

Chocolate Halloween muffins recipe is easy to whip up!

Chocolate muffins for Halloween

This recipe in addition to being delicious is simple and everyone will adore you.



  1. Turn on the oven and let it preheat. We divide the ingredients into dry and wet, we will mix them separately. On the one hand, mix flour, cocoa, sugar, yeast, and baking powder in a bowl. On the other hand, mixing yogurt, two eggs, oil, and milk, can be done with a mixer.
  2. In the bowl where the dry ingredients are, make a small well and pour the liquid ingredients plus 100 grams of the chocolate chips (reserve a little to place them later on top of the muffins).
  3. Join the two preparations with enveloping movements until it is well unified. Prepare our 12 muffin papers or silicone mold. Take a spoon and fill up to 3/4 of the mold. Place the chocolate chips on top.
  4. Bake the muffins for 25 minutes. When they are ready, let them rest for 5 minutes on the tray where we will let them cool completely. Enjoy!

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