Frozen Honey TikTok trend: Could it be bad for you?

Frozen Honey TikTok trend: Could it be bad for you?

I judge no one when it comes down to snaking, and you’ve probably seen the super popular frozen honey TikTok trend, but could it be bad for you?

It seems super tasty and frozen honey seems like the perfect snack, but what do dentists have to say about it? Could the frozen honey TikTok trend be bad for you?

Frozen honey could be dangerous.

I honestly love honey and frozen honey sounds to me like the perfect dainty. This is how you do it:

  1. Pour honey into a plastic bottle with a wide opening
  2. But it in the freezer overnight
  3. Squeeze the bottle until it comes out and eat it!

While frozen honey is soft enough not to make your teeth break, some dentists warn against it because it could cause periodontal disease and tooth decay from cavities, this can eventually make your teeth break over time.

Another problem of biting chunks of frozen honey is its sticky consistency it can remove your fillings, crowns, or any corrective dental work.

Make sure to wash your teeth.

As honey lingers longer than other types of sugar on your teeth, when frozen, it can actually make it stay for longer –and make you more prone to cavities.

If you are still going to give the trend a try, make sure you brush your teeth and floss thoroughly 30 minutes after you’ve had it –if you brush them immediately, the sugar will soften tooth enamel.

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