7 Common culinary mistakes that you can still correct 7 Common culinary mistakes that you can still correct

7 Common culinary mistakes that you can still correct

Cooking mistakes can ruin your meal, but the trick is to know how to correct them. These are the 10 common culinary mistakes that you can still correct.

7 Common culinary mistakes that you can still correct

No matter how experienced you are, we never exempt from making a culinary mistake, like an over-salty soup or soggy french fries. Here are some ideas as to how to correct them.

1. Overcooked pasta

Overcooked pasta might turn sticky. If you realize you've overcooked your pasta, just drain it and run cold water into a colander. Then toss a bit of olive oil and if it is still too sticky, pour it on a firing pan with some eggs, cream, and cheese and turn it into a Spanish omelette. 

2. Soggy potatoes

If you want creamy potatoes that are crip outside, if you roasted potatoes are soggy, you need to separate the potatoes in two baking sheets to allow some space around each potato. 

3. Over-salted casserole

This is one of the most common culinary mistakes of all time, if this happened to you, just remove the vegetables and put them into a bowl, add a peeled potato to the source and let it simmer for about 20 minutes. It should absorb the excess salt. Add some tomato pursue and the rest of the vegetables to the pan. Voilá! you've fixed it. 

4. Lumpy bechamel

To fix a bechamel or a gravy that is lumpy just blend it until smooth and return it to the boil to thicken again. 

5. Burnt edges on a cake

I once remember burning 4 cakes for my birthday, I managed to craft one out of them. With a serrated knife cut around the cake and remove all the burnt parts, then cover the cakes with some frosting, and you've got yourself a new cake. 

6. Sunken soufflé

It can sometimes be depressing if your favorite cheese souffle collapses when it comes out of the oven. Transform it into another dish. Just add some cream and crated cheese over it and let it bake until browned. 

7. Overcooked rice

The best way to salvage some overcooked rice is to transfer it to a bowl and mix it with some sunflower oil and separate the grains with your hands, let it completely cool, leave it in the refrigerator for an hour and it will dry out. 

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