5 diet mistakes you didn't know you were making 5 diet mistakes you didn't know you were making

5 diet mistakes you didn't know you were making

Eating is one thing, but doing it right is another!

1-Don’t avoid carbs


Low-carb dieting and high-intensity workouts are not the answer for everything as people usually think. Carbs are your body’s first resource for energy, so cutting them and doing high-intensity (energy) training is the opposite of what should be happening. Many diets vilify carbs all the time but to stop consuming them at all is unhealthy and dangerous as they give you energy that is crucial for your body. The best you can do is Opt for complex carbohydrates that contain fiber, such as vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole grains.

2- Fad dieting is no good

Detoxing, juicing and fad dieting are beyond wrong. These weight-loss attempts are inherently unsustainable and unbalanced in their approach. Most lack a major component of the human diet that is required for us to operate normally from day-to-day. Juicing won’t let you build and maintain muscle while detoxing and no-carb diets will not provide you with the energy you need for training and just living a normal life.

3- Stop eating protein bars

A protein bar is very quick and convenient in our hectic lives,” she allows. “However, most protein bars are filled with sugar—and if not sugar, then [sugar] alcohols, fat, high carbohydrates, etc. This type of nutritional profile makes protein bars poor meal replacements.

4-Don’t drink excessively

Not only is alcohol usually filled with high sugar, high carbs, and empty calories, while digesting, it’s turned into something called acetate. If your goal is to burn body fat, you have to burn through the acetate first before reaching your body fat, so alcohol is off the table. Try drinking really nice juices with natural fruit in them, you will love them in no time.

5-Enough with eating fake food

“Fake” food includes anything that’s highly processed, contains manufactured or artificial ingredients, or is masquerading as something healthy or natural. Not only are these foods unhealthy and devoid of valuable nutrients, but they are also less satiating and often lead to overeating.

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