Why you should be eating sweet potato more often

3 incredible reasons why you should eat sweet potatoes more often

Not only do sweet potatoes have amazing color and delicious flavor, but they are also rich in many nutrients that are good for your health. Discover 3 incredible benefits of sweet potatoes here

Once you learn all the health benefits this vegetable has, you will surely love it more. Sweet potatoes are more than just a Thanksgiving dish; this vegetable should be eaten all year because they offer a variety of health benefits: they are a good source of vitamins and antioxidants, so it is a great addition to a diet.

3 benefits of sweet potatoes

1) They may improve your immune system

Sweet potatoes may improve your immune system

Do you know what a free radical is? They are a normal byproduct of human life but it can also be caused by environmental pollutants or sunlight. Free radicals can damage immune system cells that are necessary to fight off infections. Here is when antioxidants come to the rescue. Sweet potatoes contain antioxidants that combat this damage and keep the immune system strong.

Moreover, a 2008 report established that vitamin V can improve the immune system as well. Specifically, the study says vitamin A may help support T-cells, a type of white blood cell that is crucial for immune function. 

2) They support eyesight

Sweet potatoes support eyesight

As mentioned before, sweet potatoes contain vitamin A, which is an essential vitamin for many body functions. Roberta Anding, a registered dietitian at Baylor College of Medicine, explained the importance of vitamin A in eyesight. "Vitamin A is part of a compound called rhodopsin needed for essential adaptation to light and dark. Proper eyesight is therefore dependent on vitamin A," she said. Eating one sweet potato per day brings your body 1403 mcg of vitamin A.

3) They can be a good option for people with diabetes

Sweet potatoes can be a good option for people with diabetes

People with diabetes have several restrictions in their diet and one is limiting the intake of regular potatoes since they are high on the glycemic index, which can cause blood sugar to increase. However, sweet potatoes have a little lower amount of glycemic index, so they can be a healthier choice for people with diabetes.

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