5 Foods that will shorten your lifespan

3 Foods that will shorten your lifespan

These are 3 foods you have to avoid if you want to live to be over 100.

3 Foods that will shorten your lifespan

Research has shown that life expectancy is linked to nutrition and while there are places in the world where people live to be even more than 100, in the united states the average life expectancy is 77. You can't control your genes, but you can control your diet. Here's how to!}

1. Ultra-processed foods

Ultra-processed foods contain very little or no nutritional value, but they are packed with sugar, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, and other additives as well. 

2. Salty food

Sodium is harmful to your health, the higher in sodium your diet, the higher your blood pressure, and this increases your risk of heart disease. 

3. Calorie-packed food

Ultra-processed foods can lead to weight gain.. A diet higher in this food is associated with diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, and heart disease. 

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