This yoga pose is great to open up your hips

This yoga pose is great to open up your hips

This pose found across many different styles of yoga is perfect to open up your hips. This is how to do it!

This pose can be done by beginners and you can modify it to level up your skills. This pose is called tree pose or vrksasana.

How to do a tree pose

Start in a standing position.
  1. Start by standing and start bending your right knee and bringing the right foot to your left angle, the inner part of your knee, or your thigh -you choose the intensity. 
  2. Stretch your arms up to the sky and bring your hands to the heart center.
  3. Hold the position for as much as you can.
  4. Repeat with the only leg. 

Tips from an expert

Try not to lock your standing knee for the perfect tree pose.

The benefits

The tree pose offers a combination of balance, strength, concentration, and flexibility skills. This pose strengthens your spine, legs, and angles,  and it opens your hips -this is perfect for those suffering from tight hips

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