Skipping rope: the pros and cons of this trendy workout

Skipping rope: the pros and cons of this trendy workout

When it comes to skipping rope, many people associate it with an activity for kids or boxing. However, it is considered a good cardio exercise and you can do it anywhere. Discover here the pros and cons  of this trendy workout

The pros and cons of skipping rope


1) Strong calorie burner 

When we want to burn calories, we usually think of bicycles, walking machines, and spending hours in the gym. However,  jump ropes can actually burn more calories than running and you can do it at home! The number of calories burnt will depend on many factors such as your weight and the intensity of the workout. Nevertheless, it is said that you can burn about 1300 calories in an hour while performing intermediate speed jumps in a consistent fashion.

2) It is affordable

This is the best about skipping rope: the tool you need to perform this workout is affordable.

3) You can do it anywhere

Jump rope is extremely compact and light. So, you can take it with you and use it anywhere you are. Literally.

Skipping rope can help release stress

4) It can help release stress

Even a 20 minutes workout is beneficial for your overall mental health since your body releases endorphins, known as the hormones of happiness. The most efficient workouts for your brain are the ones that improve upon coordination, bone health, and memory. Moreover, while you are skipping the rope, you are focused on the activity and consequently, not thinking about your problems. 


1) Ground impact

This workout involves an intensive ground impact. According to some studies, approximately 300 pounds (140 kilograms) of impact hits your legs every time you make a jump, thus, your ankles and calves can be damaged. So it is advisable to start low so as not to get hurt. Start with a few minutes of skipping rope activity per day. And then add a minute or two every week.

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