Nick Hounslow's workout routine to become super fit at home Nick Hounslow's workout routine to become super fit at home

Nick Hounslow's workout routine to become super fit at home

The actor and fitness guru, Nick Hounslow, is absolute goals when it comes to reaching new fitness levels. How exactly does he train to stay this fit?

When Nick isn’t in front of the camera, he spends his time working as a PT for the stars. He’s worked with many celebrities, including Gal Gadot, Nicole Kidman, and Claire Holt.

When it comes to fitness, Nick knows that motivation and discipline are a must-have. Working out is a lifestyle, not a fad. 

It’s something I do every day because it’s been part of me since I was a heavy kid. It changed my life physically and mentally. Yes, for sure some days I just don’t want to go and am literally kicking and screaming (in my head) all the way to the gym, but never once have a I left the gym thinking ‘well that wasn’t worth it’.

Nick Hounslow Workout Routine // Photo of Instagram

You must train very hard. No pain, no gain!

Nick's alarm typically goes off at an eyewatering 4:30 am. He trains clients from 5:30 am on, until past lunchtime. If hasn't worked out with a client, he will train himself. Working out is his therapy and safe space, so he never misses a session. 

Compound exercises are Nick's favorite as these provide an excellent way to gain muscle mass, activate anabolic hormones, and increase our metabolism in order to burn accumulated fat.

Nick Hounslow Workout Routine // Photo of Instagram

The disadvantage is that it can be too demanding. You should pay special attention to rest between training days as muscle only grows when resting. If the day of training arrives and you still feel stiff or tired, you should wait until your recovery is complete. This can happen during the first sessions. Later, the body should adapt and need less rest under the same effort.

Nick Hounslow shows that he keeps in shape by training hard, but he also eats very healthily. He makes sure to hydrate all day and always gets some kind of protein in no later than 30 minutes post-workout.


A typical workout 

A typical workout for Nick includes HIIT training, which torches calories without affecting muscle mass. It also works on all muscle groups, while improving mobility. The best part? You can do his workouts at home! 

Warm-up (3mins)

Workout (5mins)

Cooldown (2mins)


Source: Nick Hounslow

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