Morning workouts: why is it the best time of day to work out?

Morning workouts: why is it the best time of day to work out?

Read on to know all you need about morning workouts. 

For many, working out in the mornings is the best thing, but for others getting up super early and starting working out is just stressful.

An early morning workout is a great way to warm up and awaken your body and your mind. Read on to know all the benefits of working out first thing in the morning.


You'll get it over with first thing in the morning

For many people, it is easier to do it in the morning because they are likely to feel tired or be in a bad mood after work. Working out in the morning usually means you are waking up early and planning your routine around your exercise routine, which can often lead to a better consistency.

It helps with your appetite

Working out in the morning may help to control appetite and lead to more weight loss than working out at other times of day. One January 2020 study found that people tend to eat less after a morning workout. Not bad, right?

It may help you burn calories faster

Working out first thing in the morning—prior to breakfast—may also promote weight loss in the form of calorie burn. There are studies that prove that if you workout fasted from the night before you might burn more fat. But, keep in mind that if you’re too hungry and weak, you will lack the energy you need to get a good burn.

Fewer distractions

It’s easier to get into your workout zen when you have zero distractions. In the morning, your phone is less likely to be ringing or filling up with emails or texts. Additionally, the gym is more likely to be packed later in the day, which can translate to a less effective workout, especially if you have to spend time waiting in between sets.

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