How to upgrade your walk and get fitter with these simple 5 tips!

How to upgrade your walk and get fitter with these simple 5 tips!

If you don’t particularly like doing a lot of exercise, but you enjoy walking there are some ways you can upgrade your walk and get fitter.

Lots of people love walking and if you actually increased the intensity you could actually build strength, get fitter, increase your heart rate going and it has an incredibly low risk of injury.

1. Vary the speed

Vary the speed.

You have to variables: the length of your intervals and the amount of time you spend walking. Vary the amount of time you walk and the distance as well, you shouldn’t be able to hold a conversation while you are walking, this is how you measure the intensity.

2. Change the setting

Change the terrain to increase the effort.

Walking on trails, sands, grass or pavement has a different impact on your body. If you change the terrain you are getting muscle imbalance ant that makes your body work harder.

3. Listen to music

Listen to music.

If you choose the right tracks, you can up your endurance by as much as 15%, intersperse fast-paced music with slower-paced tunes, it keeps you distracted and helps you walk more.

4. Carry some weight

Carry some weight,

If you walk with weights you can increase the intensity of your workout, it could be as simple as having a backpack with some weight.

5. Run a bit

Run when you can.

You don’t have to run, but you can try introducing jogging in intervals, as you get fitter, you can jog more and faster.

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