Exercising can help you boost your metabolism and here’s how! Exercising can help you boost your metabolism and here’s how!

Exercising can help you boost your metabolism and here’s how!

Read on to find out how you can boost your metabolism!

Metabolism converts foods to energy, keeps your body breathing and digesting, and it is also the chemical process that controls the number of calories you burn, thus it influences how quickly you lose weight. 


Our metabolism the chemical process that is responsible to maintain our bodies alive. It converts food into energy, keeps the circulatory system going and helps with all the body functions. it can control the number of calories burnt or when we are resting, so it has a direct link with our ability to lose weight.

It is a process that is usually stable, but working out will speed up your metabolism, some types of exercise are better than others to cause a metabolic spike –especially those involving large muscle groups. These are the best:

How to boost your metabolism with exercise


It is a great way to activate the glutes –the biggest muscle group. It is a good idea to squat barefoot and your knees shouldn't go over your toes, it is like sitting back around 90 degrees on an imaginary bench and standing up squeezing your derriere as hard as you can. Four sets of 20 squats with a 30-minute break in between will do.


People underestimate the power of walking regularly, when in fact, it is amazing to boost your metabolism. You should walk around 10,000 steps on a regular day, especially if you haven’t worked out.

Jumping lunges

After squatting you can try doing some jumping lunges. First, stand with one foot in front of the other –around a meter apart–, then lounge down, power yourself up and switch legs in the air. Try doing this 20 times, rest 30 seconds and continue, three of four sets should be enough.


Focus on including proteins to repair muscle tissues and speed up metabolism. Chili and coffee have also been proved to boost metabolism and give you energy.

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