Demi Lovato's favorite workout routine Photo: Getty Images

Demi Lovato's favorite workout routine

Demi Lovato, the superfit singer, takes care of her mind, body, and soul in one way. Check what's her routine looks like.

It's funny how it all started. Demi began her fitness routine because she wasn't feeling her best. She has a green healthy living and enjoys what her lifestyle has done for her everyday happiness.

It's all about perseverance
Demi works out 6 days a week. She does an hour of cardio, and other days she works on strength training. During the week she works out for two hours where she's doing an hour of cardio and an hour of MMA, or she's doing an hour of strength training and an hour of MMA. 

Ju-jitsu workout 
Demi loves training jiu-jitsu, it's like rolling with somebody. That's why she thinks it's a kind of meditative and also a great workout training, moving around with somebody.

Fitness is about the way you feel
Demi noticed a beautiful change in her mood and mental health about fitness. Going to a gym takes care of your body, she added. But even with the best motivation, it can still be challenging to get yourself out of bed for a workout.

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