DIY: How to make your own yoga mat

DIY: How to make your own yoga mat

Looking for a new yoga mat? You are in the right place! Try to do it on your own by following these simple steps.

1- Gather your materials.
If you're looking for a homemade alternative to a rubber mat, use cotton fabric to create a soft, durable yoga mat.

2- Cut
Now cut the 4 yards of fabric into 2 pieces. Each piece should be 2 yards by 1 yard. These 2 pieces are going to form the 2 sides of your yoga mat.

3- Design
Grab the quilt batting between the two pieces of fabric. We recommend you to look for regular batting or iron on the batting that has an adhesive that will stick to your fabric. Attach the batting to the two pieces of fabric using sewing pins, or iron it (if you are using ironing batting). Stagger the sewing pins about six inches apart on either side of the fabric so the batting is firmly in the middle of the two fabrics.

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Time to use your sewing machine! Use your sewing machine to attach the two pieces of fabric. You can use the fabric chalk to draw a vertical line in the center of the top piece of fabric. Now start sewing the marked line.

5- Edges.
Finish the edges with the tape. Use pins to keep the tape in place as you go with the sewing machine.

6- Extras.
If you are going to use your mat on a surface other than a carpet, you can go a little further by adding the non-slip fabric on the bottom. 

And there you go, your yoga mat! Ready to be used anytime. Good luck immersing yourself in the yoga world! Namaste.

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