Beginners workout... you can train too!!

Beginners workout: a whole-body workout in simple steps

Sometimes, just a few exercises to get you back in shape is all you need to feel better

Training at home can be monotonous, even boring. And if you haven´t hit the gym for months or you´re just starting, then it can also be exhausting and discouraging. 

But some exercises are meant for those who can´t find the right time to start a routine. And it takes only 11 minutes! This routine involves three blocks of three-minute work and one minute rest.

Burpees are the first step of your 11-minute routine.

First step: burpees

From the standing position lay your hands on the floor in front of you, jump backward, lift your chest and get up with a little jump and clapping your hands. Three repetitions.

Next step: squats

Straighten your back and go down and up, stepping your whole feet on the floor and pointing with both feet slightly outwards. Six repetitions.

Final step: tuck ups

Legs outstretched, arms back, hug and stretch. Repetitions continue until the three-minute workout is completed. Then rest for one minute and repeat the blocks. Do that until you complete 11 minutes.

Nick Connelly

Though he spent most of his time on camera, covering major sports events, Nick’s life-long dream was to become a sports columnist. Today, Nick researches and covers workout routines, exercise-related tips and tricks and sports diets. In need of an effective training routine? Look no further than Nick’s articles.+ info

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