Are you making these running mistakes? Find out now

Are you making these running mistakes? Find out now

Maybe you didn't know, but you are probably making some of these mistakes when you go for a run. Don't worry, here we tell you everything you need to know to find the solution.

Whether it's wearing the wrong shoes or not eating right, there are many mistakes that even the most experienced runners run the risk of making. Anthony Fletcher, renowned trainer, highlights some common mistakes so you can fix them.

Running // Photo by Dean Sun

Skipping the warm-up

A warm-up before the race is very important; you can combine exercises such as lateral boards on each side and gluteal bridges to prepare the muscles to run.

Running the same route at the same speed

We need variety to train the body in different ways. However, we also need familiarity for the body to adapt. If we keep doing the same thing, same speed, same distance and travel, that can lead to a lack of progress but also potentially increased risk of injury.

Running mistakes // Photo by Josef Hozca

Be well hydrated

You should always approach a session with adequate hydration. If you are in normal condition and the session does not last more than an hour, there is no need to drink additional water.

Neglect of recovery

We should pay a lot of attention to fitness in general, especially if we are running. People neglect all aspects of preventive health until it is needed as a cure. Sleep is the only way to recover, everything else is there to help.


Wearing the right shoes

You should choose shoes designed for running since many people run in the wrong kind of shoes and feel discomfort in their feet afterwards.

Wearing the right shoes

Forgetting strength training

Strength training is incredibly important if there is time for it. With some professional athletes there is no time or energy to do it. Changing an hour of running for an hour at the gym can help you have a more balanced and healthy body by varying your exercises.

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