All to know about exercise balls and how to pick the right one

All to know about exercise balls and how to pick the right one

You’ve probably seen many, they look comfy and fun. Here’s all to know about exercise balls and how to choose the right one for you.

If you’ve ever thought about doing some yoga or Pilates at home, this article is for you, here’s all to know about exercise balls!

Use the ball to relax the back.

Exercise balls are amazing to level up your workout routine. There are several types of colors and sizes, colors and materials, but most importantly, they are amazing for your core and affordable.

Exercise ball explained

Also known as stability balls, they are great to activate an optimal posture, and it’s also good to take a break from your sitting time at the desk.

You can train your strength, balance, and flexibility, as it is light it challenges your muscle control. While most of them are filled with air, some contain a bit of sand to make it heavier and to add a bit of resistance.

They vary in size from 45 to 85 cm diameter, you should choose the one that is proportional to your height –the idea is for you to be able to bend your knees at a 90° angle or a little bit higher.

Types of workout with exercise balls

You can basically include the exercise ball in any type of workout to strengthen your core and enhance your stability.

Here are some ideas:

Sit-Ups: press the ball with your feet and with a neutral spine lift and lower your legs –kind of making a V with your legs.

Plank: Place your feet on the ball in a plank position and hold the posture for 30 seconds. Squat: Hold the ball over your head with your hands and squat up and down.

Exercise balls to perform a plank

Push-Up: In a plank position, with your feet on the wall, level up your pushups.

Push-ups with exercise balls.

Hip Raises: Place the heels and the back of your legs on the ball and raise the hips then lower the body down. This is not only great for your glutes but also your core and balance.

Stretching: lie face down letting your legs and head hang towards the floor to relax your back, then lie face up with your ball centered on your back with your arms open.

The bottom line

Exercise balls are a great staple for your routine, they are fun, affordable, and versatile!

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