Adriana Lima: the supermodel reveals her diet and exercise secrets

A quick look at Adriana Lima's Instagram is no doubt the best motivator to start working out and eating healthy. The 40-year old supermodel looks stunning, and while genes surely play an important part, it's her tough workout and diet that keeps her fit. 

The gorgeous Brazillian is open about her love of "very intense" boxing workouts, including both cardio and strength work. The model also revealed that the combination of boxing workouts and a low-carb diet have ‘completely transformed (her) body’, sounds good to us Adriana.

 ‘I try to live a healthy lifestyle all year around’. she told Independent.  ‘I eat a lot of protein and green vegetables, and I always take supplements like Omega 3, and a multivitamin containing vitamin B12, antioxidants and zinc’.

Lima explains that her everyday life involves working out

Lima explains that her everyday life involves working out, ‘I can’t function if I don’t have my exercise or I don’t meditate. That’s how I have to start my day to wake me up.'

The Brazillian beauty admits that she loves exercising and that the only way to stay motivated is to find a workout you love. 

‘You are the one who has to figure out what makes you happy, whatever that is. If it’s taking a walk, dancing, that’s a form of workout. It’s a matter of doing the little things that make you smile – that’s the secret to life’.

Lima is very serious about her diet as well, eating primarily whole unprocessed foods. She eats six meals per day and drinks 2L of water, allowing herself an occasional treat, like chocolate cake, about once a week. 

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