Want to know why Virgo is so practical? See the main characteristics of the sign, its compatibility and main interests!

Virgo explained: get to know them better and find out Virgo’s secrets

Want to know why Virgo is so practical? See the main characteristics of the sign, its compatibility and main interests!

Facts about Virgo

Virgo is the number one perfectionist it can be so meticulous and single-minded that it makes them really successful at work. They are solid, reliable and blessed with a powerful intelligence. They are ruled by Mercury which makes them quite smart, organized and fast, and boy! They can present a “good face” to the world.


Hard-working and helpful

They can’t bear delegating and delivering poor quality jobs. They always go the extra mile and they might sometimes come as control freaks who make everyone work for them. They love helping other people and proving their worth and expect gratitude and recognition.

Virgo is extremely hard-working.

Critical and stubborn

As they work towards perfection, they have high standards and can get a little too judgmental. They are chronic over-thinkers and usually find it hard to change their minds or ways.


Virgos in love

They like feeling safe and will rarely be direct about their feelings, it takes a lot of intimacy to express their emotions –they are romantic and loyal and love connecting with others. They get on well with other Earth sings because they love food, drinking, shopping, status and in general they prefer secure relationships.

Best matches

All the Earth signs: Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn are good matches.

Taurus is a great match for Virgo,

Worst matches

Libra, Aquarius and Leo will cause issues. Aquarius loves to go with the flow and Virgo is simple too grounded for that –they take life too seriously.

A little advice for Virgo

Virgo we know how much you like to schedule your life, but remember it is paramount to relax. Surround yourself with friends who can understand your intellect and that respect you. Not everyone takes your criticism well, you may hurt their feelings and you are not always right. What works for you, may not adjust to someone else’s needs. You can often come across as a cold person, so make sure to connect with your emotional side.

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